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Cliffside Wedding at The Shed at Mwnt - A South Wales Wedding Photographer's Tale

Blog post by Katy Tainton

The Shed at Mwnt wedding captured by South Wales wedding photographer
Wuthering heights vibes for Leah and Huw in West Wales

When love blossoms in a tiny Welsh village and is celebrated in a quirky wedding venue in Wales perched on the cliffs, you know you're in for a wedding story like no other. Leah and Huw's special day was set against the backdrop of The Shed at Mwnt, a rustic gem on the West Wales coastline.

South Wales Wedding Photographer Experience at The Shed at Mwnt

  • Getting Ready in Welsh Charm

  • Rustic Elegance in The Shed

  • Autumnal Vibes

  • Wild Romance

  • A Feast for the Senses

  • Capturing the Moments - A Photographer's Perspective

  • A Disco Ball Dream

  • Wedding Suppliers

Getting Ready in Welsh Charm

The day started with an air of excitement and anticipation as Leah and Huw prepared for their big day in charming local cottages. The cottages provided the perfect setting for capturing those intimate moments before the ceremony.

I began by photographing the exquisite details that brought Leah's bohemian vision to life. The dresses, bouquets, shoes, and jewellery were infused with rich colours, setting the tone for the day's warmth and vibrancy. One standout detail was Leah's dried flower headpiece, which added a whimsical touch to her bridal ensemble.

As Leah and her bridal party had their hair and makeup done, Huw and his groomsmen were next door adding the finishing touches, each moment filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Rustic Elegance in The Shed

The ceremony itself took place in The Shed, a rustic haven that exuded charm. Guests were seated on hay bales, and straw covered the floor, creating an atmosphere of rustic elegance. At the heart of the ceremony was a wooden triangular flower arch adorned with floral displays expertly crafted by my friend and talented florist, Catrin of Stella Blooms Co.

As Leah and Huw exchanged vows, the love in the room was palpable. Their heartfelt promises filled the air, and it was a privilege, as their South Wales wedding photographer, to capture these genuine moments of love and commitment.

Autumnal Vibes

Following the ceremony, we ventured out to the windy cliffside area for group photos with the bridal party. Leah's maid of honour and twin sister Jade wore a burnt orange dress, adding a touch of autumnal richness to the day's colour palette.

Wild Romance

For Leah and Huw's couple portraits, we kept it natural and candid. They preferred to avoid posed shots, allowing their genuine connection to shine through which I love as a South Wales wedding photographer. With the wind tousling their hair and the rugged cliffs providing a breathtaking backdrop, their love story came to life in every frame.

Against the dramatic backdrop of the cliffs, these photos were reminiscent of a scene from "Wuthering Heights," capturing the wild romance of the moment.

A Feast for the Senses

After the portraits, it was time for guests to throw confetti before indulging in a sensory feast. The room decor featured long wooden tables adorned with green sashes, flickering candles, and deep, richly coloured flowers. But the culinary delights were what truly made my heart sing.

We were treated to a sumptuous curry buffet that left everyone's taste buds dancing. The aromatic spices and flavours filled the air, adding an exotic twist to the rustic charm of the day. It was a fusion of cultures that reflected Leah and Huw's unique journey.

Leah, a talented baker, didn't stop at the main course. She curated a treats table including donuts, brownies that melted in your mouth and traditional Welsh cakes that paid homage to their roots – there was a sweet treat for everyone.

Capturing the Moments - A Photographer's Perspective

As a South Wales wedding photographer, my goal is always to capture the essence of the day. It’s the candid moments that make each wedding unique and unforgettable.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the evening festivities began, there were two speeches that were a perfect blend of humour and sentimentality, causing laughter and a few joyful tears to flow freely.