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About Katy
South Wales Wedding Photographer

- Telling love stories since 2013 -

I am Katy Tainton, a South Wales Wedding Photographer

I LOVE weddings. Yes, I get caught up in all the emotion of the day. I want to know EVERYTHING that you've planned and I want to be there as it all unfolds. I laugh at the speeches, I dance behind the camera when the DJ starts, I get a lump in my throat when I watch the first dance. I'm not just the photographer, I'm emotional support, stress reliever, dress assistant and cool head when you need it.
My couples often will tell me at the end of the wedding that they don't know where they would have been without my support on the day and that means so much to me.

My Inspiration for
South Wales
Wedding Photography 

South Wales Wedding Photographer Katy Tainton and her family sit on a bed in a Christmas p

My inspiration to become a wedding photographer came in 2012 when I married my love, Spencer. I knew the photographer was going to be one of the biggest decisions I'd make in planning the day.
When we received our photos back, we were over the moon and it was then that I decided I wanted to become a photographer. I started devouring as much information as I could read and watch about professional photography got my first DSLR camera (I'm a Nikon girl) with a 50mm 1.4 portrait lens for Christmas and started practising.
My background in event organising came from working as a fundraiser for the charity Marie Curie for 7 years. I love working with people at events and so I was able to start shooting weddings as soon as my skills would allow.

Portrait taken by Katy Tainton Photography of her three children on the beach during golden hour

I'm mum to three beautiful little people and they fill my life with love and craziness.
We have a caravan that we like to get away in, usually only to the Gower or Tenby but it feels like we could be anywhere in the world when the sun shines and we're all together. 

My eldest, Belle, asks me every time I'm packing my gear ready for a wedding, 'Mammy please can I come with you today to see the bride?'... She also loves everything about weddings, so maybe one day I'll show up with a young trainee watching my every move.

Leo is a little boy who marches to his own beat, does whatever he feels like, whenever he feels like. He also tells me and Spencer every day that he is in love with us.

Penelope is my baby, she is adorable and will give you the attitude of a teenager when she can't get her way. 

They are my whole world.

Welsh National Wedding Awards

I was recently voted as Best South Wales Wedding Photographer at the Welsh National Wedding Awards in October 2022.

It was the first time I have entered for any award ceremony - after 10 years in business I thought I would give it a go. I was up against some incredible competition in my category so I was absolutely overwhelmed and so thankful to win. 

The initial stage was voted by past couples and their bridal parties, which makes me so happy to know that they took the time to vote for me and say nice things!

Voted best South Wales Wedding Photographer

Emma & Tom

"Katy captured the day brilliantly and she took so many photos without anyone noticing too.
As well as taking beautiful photos, Katy is AMAZING to have there on your wedding day - so helpful with dresses, veils, flowers etc and has so much patience!"
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