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South Wales Wedding Photographer | Stunning Wedding at Canada Lodge & Lake | Steph & Liam

Blog post by Katy Tainton

South Wales Wedding Photography at Canada Lodge & Lake
Capturing love amidst the rain: Steph & Liams South Wales Wedding

There's nothing more rewarding as a Wedding Photographer in South Wales than capturing love stories against the picturesque backdrop of South Wales. This July, I had the immense pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of Steph and Liam. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Our Lady & St Patrick's Church in Maesteg, followed by a reception at the enchanting wedding venue, Canada Lodge and Lakes in Cardiff.

As a South Wales Wedding Photographer this stunning wedding at Canada Lodge & Lake was a dream, and I am going to tell you all about it!

Steph & Liam’s Wedding Day With a South Wales Wedding Photographer

  • A Magical Morning

  • A Day to Remember

  • Lakeside Love

  • Modern Elegance with a Dash of Neon

  • From Tears to Cheers

  • Dancing 'til Dawn

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A Magical Morning

The morning of Steph and Liam's wedding was filled with joy and anticipation. As a South Wales Wedding Photographer, I couldn't help but be enamored by the exquisite details that set the stage for this beautiful day. Photographing the details such as flowers, dresses, shoes, and jewelry is an important way to tell the story of a day designed with love.

Behind the scenes, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as Steph and her bridesmaids shared laughs, sipped champagne, and had their hair and makeup expertly done. Amongst all this, a heartwarming moment unfolded as Steph's daughter gazed in awe at her mother's wedding dress, a poignant reminder of the significance of this day.

The highlight of the morning was the emotional reveal of Steph in her wedding gown to her father, a moment filled with tears, smiles, and a profound sense of the magic that was about to unfold.

A Day to Remember

Despite the unpredictable Welsh weather, Steph and Liam's wedding day was a true fairy tale at Canada Lodge and Lake. Rain may have been a constant presence throughout the day, but it did little to dampen the spirits of this radiant couple. In fact, it only added a touch of drama and romance to their story.

The ceremony at Our Lady & St Patrick's Church was a beautiful start to the day. Surrounded by family and friends, Steph and Liam exchanged their vows, sealing their love with heartfelt promises. The church's architecture provided a timeless backdrop for their ceremony, and as a South Wales Wedding Photographer it was an honour to capture their first moments as a married couple.

Lakeside Love

Following the ceremony, we made our way to Canada Lodge & Lake, a dreamy South Wales wedding venue known for its scenic charm. The large lake at the venue offers the perfect setting for the wedding portraits. As the rain came and went, Steph and Liam were absolute troopers, seizing every dry moment to venture outside and together, we created stunning images by the water's edge. We were joined by South Wales Videographer Steve Ratcliffe, who took epic shots with a drone flying over the lake.

The ethereal beauty of the lake, combined with the couple's genuine affection for each other, made for some truly magical moments.

Modern Elegance with a Dash of Neon

Now, let's talk decor! The reception at Canada Lodge & Lake was a visual delight. Soft pinks, whites, and a touch of modern flair thanks to neon signs. It was the perfect blend of classic romance and contemporary style, reflecting Steph and Liam's unique personalities.

From Tears to Cheers

As the evening unfolded, there were speeches that ranged from funny to heartwarming, and sometimes both at once! These heartfelt words shed light on Steph and Liam's incredible journey together and showcased the deep love they share.

Dancing 'til Dawn

And what's a wedding without some epic dance moves? The evening was filled with unforgettable moments, including a tear-jerking father-daughter dance that tugged at everyone's heartstrings. Steph's bond with her dad was truly special. Then came the couple's first dance as Mr and Mrs, a moment filled with love and happiness that radiated from the newlyweds.

As a South Wales Wedding Photographer these moments are such a blessing to capture!