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Katy Tainton Photography, a Swansea wedding photographer

My Approach as a
South Wales Wedding Photographer

Bride and groom captured by South Wales wedding photographer

I hope that when we meet, whether it's over a video call or in person, that you will feel relaxed and at ease in my presence. I love to get to know my couples and what's important to them, and my calm and friendly personality allows me to do that. By the time I shoot your wedding, I hope it feels like we are old friends hanging out together having fun! 

The vibe I want to give on your wedding day is relaxed and fun yet in control. To get the most authentic images it's vital that you feel you can be yourselves and you can only do that if you trust me. I will get to know all the details of your wedding day before the day, so that I can make a plan, a backup plan, a bad weather plan and a plan B! Then you can enjoy your day knowing that I have got your back with natural wedding photography.

Authentic. Romantic. Natural.

My Wedding Photography Style

It's hard to define a style, because I love to shoot naturally. What is going on around us throughout the day is mainly what I will shoot - all the lovely little moments between you and your guests. Hugs, laughs, emotion and joy. I have an eye for spotting those beautiful little moments so you will get lots of gorgeous natural images of your guests all day long. 

I also spend time photographing the details of your day. Your dress hanging up, your shoes, jewellery, flowers, perfume, cake, table decorations and any other gorgeous bits you've put so much effort into choosing. I will arrange the shots in an artistic way to show off the beauty in the little details.  I will even incorporate and capture the beautiful features in your South Wales wedding venue.

My style of portraits for the all important couple shots is creative, romantic and authentic. It's your connection that I want to show. I want you to feel you can be yourselves, enjoy the moment together, have fun with me and get amazing images. My images are an expression of the couples I work with and so it's vital that you are a couple who love to have fun and want to go the extra mile for gorgeous couple photos! I don't expect you to know how to do it, but I hope that you will trust me to get the most authentic, natural and romantic images by making you feel incredible in front of the camera. That usually means going back outside during the golden hour if the weather allows! 

Bride and groom captured by South Wales wedding photographer

The Process

I know weddings are not stress-free. There's so much to plan. So I like to make the process of working with me simple. I'm always here if you need any advice in the run-up to your big day.

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