About Me...

I am a Swansea based photographer, covering South Wales, and I love working with my clients to bring out the best in them. My friends describe me as easy going and a good listener and I'm sure this helps me in my job photographing families. I'm an emotional person so I find it easy to spot the moments that you will want to remember - the ones you didn't even notice me noticing! 

My style is modern and natural. My clients say they love the colourful photos I produce and you will see this reflected across all the genres of photography that I do.

I got married to my soulmate, Spencer, 9 years ago and coincidentally this is when my journey as a professional photographer also began. I spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect photographer for our wedding and I found her. I loved the photos from our wedding so much that I decided to get my own camera and lens and learn the art of taking photographs that make people feel something when they look at them. 

I'm a mum to Belle, Leo and Penelope and they make my heart burst every day. Having them in our life has reinforced my belief that you have to exist in pictures for your children to see when you are gone... even if your makeup isn't done or you feel you don't look your best! Our children will want to see us in family photos together in years to come. That's my aim for my clients as well as for myself. 


I am unobtrusive, friendly and approachable - so please do not be shy in getting in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Katy x

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